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Expert Support for Your Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems

Today’s adversaries are becoming more sophisticated, technologically savvy, and dangerous. The threat from these nefarious entities must be countered with advanced analytical systems to guide our nation’s decision-makers and protect our citizens. Peterson Technologies’ application of and expertise in supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) provides those decision-makers with timely information critical for our national security. We understand the value of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the world of Intelligence, and utilize the distinct differences between and intrinsic advantages offered by the two systems to provide comprehensive, expert guidance, ongoing support, and analytical data that does more. Through our advanced decision support and leading-edge Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning services, agencies are better equipped to analyze, identify, and neutralize the threats of tomorrow, today.

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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

In order to gain the vast advantages of Artificial Intelligence in your security measures, your organization must come to understand what Artificial Intelligence is at its core. By design, Artificial Intelligence is the concept of machines mimicking human cognition. To incorporate Artificial Intelligence into a system is to assign tasks to machines that only seem plausible and possible through human thinking and logic. The most common forms we see in the real world include multi-modal inputs and output systems, such as voice and facial recognition software, image and voice synthesizing, and more.

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What Is Machine Learning (ML)?

In contrast, Machine Learning algorithms are the architects of Artificial Intelligence. They are the tools by which artificial intelligence can be created, implemented in a specific environment, updated, and evolved to suit the growing needs of almost any organization. Machine Learning goes a step further than the programming of tasks for machines to complete. It is the machine’s ability to gather, distill, and learn from the volumes of data it acquires in order to become more accurate and precise when accomplishing tasks. In essence, Machine Learning is the application of artificial intelligence, which centers on the idea that machines should be able to ingest data and learn for themselves.

Our Decision Support Services

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence work in tandem in almost any industry where they are utilized. Companies throughout the U.S. Government, Intelligence, and private sectors leverage predictive machine learning models to make more accurate forecasts and guide their decision-making. They incorporate historical trends and movements, along with up-to-the-moment activities and transactions to influence their impact.

Peterson Technologies integrates these same methodologies through advanced data analytics and empirical predictions in order to provide end-to-end solutions that deliver greater insight when and where it is needed most. We work closely with Intelligence agencies on a broad spectrum of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning elements, including:

Natural Language Processing/Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis, also called opinion mining, is a natural language processing technique utilized to determine whether data is negative, positive, or neutral. Most often used in text analysis, our Artificial Intelligence-guided solutions can scan data at any scale and help determine if a threat is implied or even imminent via the level of positive or negative sentiment found in the document.

Speech Processing

Our Speech Processing Artificial Intelligence involves the use of an end-to-end voice translation system, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Machine Translation, and Speech-to-Text tools to improve communication systems among Defense and Intelligence agencies. Whether applied in cross-border intelligence, voice surveillance, or when intercepting radio/satellite communications, Speech Processing Artificial Intelligence understands linguistic nuances, such as phoneme and dialect, and aids in better-recognizing voice patterns and gathering real-time data and intelligence.

Image Detection & Object Recognition

This computer vision technique identifies objects in images or videos and gives computer-generated Artificial Intelligence the ability to understand what the image contains on an infinitesimal scale and at a geometric rate. Object Detection Artificial Intelligence works in cooperation with Object Recognition Machine Learning to not only identify where an image is located in an image or video but also identifies multiple objects simultaneously.

Contact Peterson Technologies for Top-Tier Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Decision Support

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be instrumental in security measures on every level. Local to national, these capabilities can analyze and interpret high volumes of data in a fraction of the time and with more accuracy than human operators. To get the access you need for your organization, and the guidance you want in their implementation, let Peterson Technologies be there with the services and systems you need. We’ll take your capabilities further. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

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